Monday, January 21, 2008


Molluscum Contagiosum is the official term to the weird looking bumps Broderick's has had on his stomach and now suddenly on the back of his legs. UGH! If his eczema wasn't bad enough, now he has blistery bumps on top of it. It is contagious...hence the name "contagiosum"...but takes 12-18 months to completely go away. There is no real treatment, but the pediatrician did say that he could put BEETLEJUICE on it once the redness goes away. Since it is a little raw, it would be too painful to do now. He has given us something for the itching (which is caused by the eczema, not the Molluscum) and we are supposed to wait a few months to see what it does. As for now, no more baths with Camden or Adalynn and we have to watch closely to be sure it doesn't spread and that no one else gets it.

No other news to update on...Camden is well (though says he's not "stinkin' and cute), and Adalynn is doing great (though she still isn't so sure about baby food). John and I are fine (despite both having headaches after spending 3 hours at Chuck E. Cheese with EVERY other child who had MLK Jr. Day off of school).

Thanks for checking on us. Be sure to let us know you were here!


  1. I checked in on you guys a couple of days ago, but am just getting the chance to go back and comment on my favorite blogs.

    I can't believe the rash that Broderick has can take 12-18 months to fully go away!!! Wow That's a long time.

    As for Adalynn not knowing how she feels about baby foods...that's a tough one. LOL. Maybe try real people food, like really milked down mashed potatoes. :)

  2. Hi Shannon,

    Thought I'd pop over here because I haven't seen you in a while on the board. Ella actually had/has molluscum on her leg. It ended up going away on it's own within a month. We did end up taking her to a dermatologist just to make sure, so try not to worry about it too much. Like you said, don't have the kids bathe together, and also wash Broderick's bedding more than usual to prevent it from spreading on himself. We also had Ella take showers or just stand in the tub for a rinse bath because the warm water can actually spread the rash on themself.

    Abby was also having texture issues with food but has suddenly turned a corner and will eat almost anything. Like Adalynn, she would not eat baby food, but now she will in addition to finger foods. Hang in there, she'll get it when she's ready. I think it just takes our kids longer than others!