Monday, January 7, 2008

I Can't Even Blink

Well, Adalynn finally had her 6 month appointment last week (which was really closer to 7 months-which she will be this week). Her stats are:
weight- TINY @ 14 lbs 15 oz....25th percentile
height-LONG @ 27 inches....75th percentile

She received 4 shots. OUCH!!!

Other big news is that Camden is feeling better and is finally big enough (weight wise) to ride in a booster seat. He is sooo excited. Broderick is a writing machine at school and is doing amazing work. He wrote so well today at school (11 sentences) that his teacher came down with him and showed me during my lunch. He was so proud of himself. Of course, my first reaction when she came into the teacher's dining room was "oh no, what did he do now?" and "aaaahhhh, is he sick"...but neither were correct. It was "WOW!!!! Look what my baby boy is doing in kindergarten".

They are all growing up so fast. I feel like I can't even blink.


  1. They really do grow up so fast! I have just come to terms with the fact that my baby has become a toddler! Sniff!

  2. Yes, they grow up before you are ready for them to. I'm getting ready to send Jackson off to K5 and can't believe it. Jordan is long and tiny too, I feel you on that one!

  3. Hey Frye's,,,, This is your Uncle from Texas,,, Ya it's tha Mayor.... You have a great looking family and looks like you will be staying busy for quite some time...