Sunday, June 24, 2012

We Are Staying Put....for awhile

Exciting news to share (for those who don't already know due to Facebook)....we got a house!!! It is such a perfect house for us and we love it so far. 4 bedrooms, finished basement, 3 1/2 bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen, and most importantly an inground pool and hot-tub out back! We are still in shock! Even more shocking is that the house sat empty for 4 years. We made a very low offer and after countering back and forth 3-4 times we got it!!! YAY!!!!

Now, for the pics. These were all taken during the walk-through. We've done a lot of painting and of course it looks different with our stuff in there.  I will post updated pictures at a later time...but for now, here is our new home.

If you need our new address, let me know!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new kitchen! The cabinetry is beautiful and the stove (6 burners, griddle, and double convection oven) is amazing!

from the kitchen looking into the dining room

from the kitchen looking into the sunroom

The formal living room (it's just filled with boxes right now, we have no clue what we are going to do with this room)

The back of the house (the covered pool is HUGE-12 ft deep at one end and 3 1/2 at the other). We love the hot tub! We are learning a lot about pool maintenance. 

The side yard is fenced in....this is the dog's domain as of now. The buildings you see beyond the field are retirement/assisted living apartments. 

The kid's bathroom. I've left the green for now, but will most likely be changing it (one of these days).

The Master.....it is now light blue and a khaki brown with white trim. I will post more pictures later. It looks very, very different though!

The finished part of the basement. The other side is just as big and not finished (has the washer and dryer as well as furnace and hot water heater). There is a 3/4 bath in the basement which is perfect for guests!

 And we've enjoyed living in a neighborhood....there is a little girl (in the picture) that enjoys coming to visit (and swim). The pool is opened and ready for business.
And Camden wasn't swimming when we first opened the pool, but after three times in the pool he figured it out and is now a fish! Adalynn just prefers sunning herself on the side. I think the lack of body fat on her body makes her get cold pretty quickly (she still weighs about 33 lbs soaking wet).


We had our first (non-family) visitors to our new home. We were SOOOO excited to welcome our friends  from Pennsylvania. I know it was a very long drive for them, but we had so much fun during their visit! We were able show them some of the things Wisconsin has to offer...including CHEESE, the Madison Farmer's Market (with naked bike riders), the FREE zoo, and our favorite fast food/custard place, Culver's.


Our baby girl turned 5 years old!!!! What five year old doesn't want her own pool party at her house? We had a blast (and the friends mentioned above got to be a part of it).

It is soo hard to believe that she entered our lives 5 years ago. What a blessing she has been. Five years ago this blog began with this post...
so much has changed since then and though I was wondering if the blog would fizzle out, but with an upcoming surgery (July 25) more updates and more blogging will be taking place. This is uncharted territory for us and I will have to revisit other blogs to see others' experiences with this. If anyone has advice, I'd appreciate it! During this surgery her nose and palate will be revised as well as a third set of tubes being placed.

And finally....at 5 years old, Adalynn got her first haircut. It was very spur of the moment thing. As I was cutting Camden's hair, she was begging for hers to get cut as well. I just trimmed the dead ends and evened everything out (it was very uneven but not noticeable due to the curls). She loves it, but first thing this morning asked "is it growing again". It looks so much shorter, but is definitely not as tangley and feels so much healthier.

And until next time.....blessings!


  1. Congrats on the house!! 12 feet deep end....wow

  2. Beautiful Shannon, just wonderful and beautiful and amazing and spectacular!! I am so happy for you guys and can't wait to see all of the makeover pictures! Happy Birthday to Adalynn - 5 already, wow! Thank you for posting .. :)

  3. Hey Shannon, My name is CNoel & I've tried very hard t get in touch w you. I read about your Uvitis& all your other symptoms but for some reason haven't been able to comment or leave you any messages. I also are in my early 30's & our symptoms completely mirror each other. Not just our symptoms but everything goin on w you. Though the last thing I read medically w you was 2010. I have answers. Please contact me at Christophernoel513@gmail.com If you have any issues or want to find out more before hand. I work in the film and music industry but haven't been able t work since I started getting uvitis in sept 2011 so any pics or info will be prior to this. You can google my music name LudeKrs. Or find me on Facebook at Christopher Noel Douglas my pic is either my showcar or my Art n black and white. Thanks! and I hope all is well