Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crazy crazy

Why does it seem like life gets crazier and crazier every minute?? Maybe it's because through chaos we can truly see beauty? The craziness is actually full of blessings....crazy, crazy.

Back in April things seemed to be finally settling down after such a tough fall. We even planned a trip to Washington DC over Easter weekend and surprised the kids with visits from their godparents. We had a great time!

We even went to a sunrise Easter service at the Lincoln Memorial.

It was pretty amazing!

But you can imagine our shock and disgust to return home after 4 days to discover that our water line on our refrigerator had malfunctioned and flooded the main level as well as the basement of our rented town-home. Approximately 13,000 gallons of water....needless to say we had a huge mess!! Collapsed ceilings, ruined furniture and of course after sitting for days waiting for an adjuster to come----black mold.

We ended up living in a hotel for 8 1/2 weeks while they cleaned up and remodeled our home. Yes, three kids and a dog in a hotel for a very long time. It could have been a nightmare.

We adjusted quickly, learned to live in very close quarters and discovered we still had what was important....each other. We were lucky enough to stay at a Homewood Suites so we had two bedrooms, a small living area, as well as a kitchen area. It wasn't as bad as it seemed. Actually a blessing in disguise. Crazy, right? It slowed us down....well it tried to. Did I mention the three kids and a dog?

While we were there the boys finished their baseball seasons and Adalynn had her first ever dance recital.

Adalynn graduated from 3 year old preschool and the boys moved to Wolf and Webelos ranking in Scouts.

I was also able to go on field trips with Camden's class to the zoo and Crayola factory and we took a trip to Baltimore as a family to see the Orioles play at Camden Yards (how Camden got his name). And of course we had to try crab cakes while we were there.

And we can't forget that during all of this crazy time I graduated with my masters and we finalIzed our decision to move to Wisconsin! John has accepted a position there.
Here is Adalynn at my graduation. Sorry, no pics of me they are on the camera (these are all from my phone).

Speaking of Adalynn, we can't forget that during our extended hotel stay she had a birthday. I can't believe my baby is 4!!! (Will I ever stop calling her baby?) So we had a hotel pool party! She (and the friends that came) didn't seem to mind

Then school finally ended (not until the 21st of June) and we took a trip to Gettysburg with friends. We camped for a few days while they were finishing up our house. No photos of Gettysburg are on my phone since we had a ban on electronic devices. ;-) there are some on the camera though (so I may be able to post some later).

After our trip to Gettysburg, we briefly (3 days) returned to our very empty home. We lost most of our living room furniture, our dining room furniture and almost everything in the basement (except some toys that were spared damage).

We did gain hardwood floors which are nice, but sad since we will only be here for a short time.

We most recently returned from a trip to WI to find somewhere to live, then on to IN to visit family and John's sister's wedding. We had a blast boating with my mom, brother, and sister and the kids were beyond adorable at the wedding. Throw a trip to Build-a-Bear in there and we had a pretty nice time.

Now we are home again. Or at least our home for the next few weeks. We are packing but still trying to enjoy what little summer we will have.

Life can be crazy sometimes-well all the time, but by turning those crazy things into blessings we are able to see the bigger picture. Thank you God for helping us see that.

And thanks to all of you for being a part of our crazy lives.



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  1. Wow, Shannon! It seems like you have had a very busy few months. It's nice to get an update from you. I'm so sorry to hear about the flood. How awful to lose so much. But I'm glad to see that you remain positive and think of all your blessings even during such a tough time. The kids are getting so big! I especially love the picture of Adalynn in her dance costume and leopard-print rain boots! She is so cute!! Congratulations on your Master's and I wish you the best in your move to Wisconsin. I look forward to hearing another update from you. Take care! :o)