Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another update....this time WITH photos!!!!!

So much for getting photos updated during Christmas break. It is amazing how quickly a week flies by...but a long MLK weekend with an additional snow day thrown in along with no more grad work (YAY) and healthy kids gave me a few extra minutes.

I carefully narrowed the 300+ photos down to the following to sum up our last few months.

Way back in September...first day of school....

Broderick-annoyed that we still want first day of school photos

Camden-SUPER excited about his first day of first grade!
The boys outside of their school
Adalynn's first day of preschool
Adalynn outside of her school


Broderick helping the new Wolves get their neckerchiefs.
Camden so excited to finally be a TIGER (and daddy is his leader)

John helps out at one of Broderick's games

Adalynn joins in before one of Camden's games

Broderick takes football VERY seriously

 BRODERICK turns 9
and has a sleep-over party at a local hotel

Broderick attempts to wiggle an football Oreo into his mouth without using his hands

Oreo game

Blowing out the pretend candles (since I forgot to bring them to the hotel)
Added bonus....buffet breakfast!

 Pumpkin Patch and Halloween
Found the perfect pumpkin on a perfect fall day.

Don't you love their uniforms costumes?

Busted Eyes....
Camden falls at school and busts his eye/head on a bench.


Adalynn helping me decorate the tree

Adalynn was terrified at the thought that Santa would soon be at her house.

They loved their sleeping bags.

Enjoying the Play-Doh cake making set that Adalynn picked with her Christmas money. And yes, Camden is growing his hair.

This is what happens when we don't put anything in Adalynn's hair.....it is LONG and CRAZY CURLY!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR (a few weeks late)....

hoping my next update isn't 5 months late like this one. Blessings to all of you....


  1. Its about time!!! ;) I just knew you'd update today .. great pics .. we miss those kids!

  2. great pictures!! what a lovely family, love the little football pictures, such adorable uniforms.