Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It never fails-

I love the fact that I can waste time messing around on my iPhone, playing games, browsing facebook, reading everyone's blogs, and of course updating my own. As I write this I am sitting in a hospital bed waiting to be admitted. Yes, you read correctly .... admitted. I have been dealing with uveitis for awhile now as you already know. Then yesterday I noticed that I had a grey spot in the middle of my vision in my right eye. I scheduled an appointment with my opthamologist this afternoon and she sent me here, to the ER after noticing that my optic nerve was swollen. I have already had a CT of my head and orbits (eyes) that came back normal. My bloodwork has come back a little off, but nothing too alarming.

Now I am just waiting for a room upstairs. I am supposed to see a neurologist in the morning as well as have some more tests run. All I know so far is that my optic nerve is swelling.

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  1. Hi Shannon! Just playing some major blog catch up and I know this post isn't too recent... but just thought I'd stop by and say I'm still here!