Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Breathe....


I honestly feel like I haven't been able to do that during the past few months. Our days have been filled with school for the boys, school for me (taking 2 classes), work for both John and I, doctor's appointments, eye appointments (uveitis is at it again), baseball, t-ball, birthday parties, finalizing our housing situation for July, and now swim practice and meets.

No wonder I haven't had time to blog.

I do try to stay up with everyone's blog, though I do admit I have been quite a slacker on commenting and you know how we LOVE comments!! So please forgive me. Maybe now that the summer has started I will have a bit more time to breathe, and blog, and comment, and....oh yeah and you can't forget pack, since we are moving in 3 weeks!

Maybe breathing can wait.

So here's the update.....

Things have been pretty normal for John. He continues to teach at the University and even taught a summer class. He had a blast coaching Camden's t-ball team and helping out as much as we could with Broderick's team. He is excited to finally be done for the summer, but is continuing his research this summer with NASA and soil moisture (or something like that). He enjoys our weekly trips to the organic farm to pick up our share of the crop. It is called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and we love it. I will definitely be posting about that with pictures of the kids picking their own produce. So far we have gotten tons of greens, fresh herbs, peas, strawberries, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, scallions, skapes (which are the tops of garlic), beets, radishes, and turnips. I am sure I have forgotten something....but all I can say is YUMMY!!!! I just made a batch of harvard beets that were delicious, if I do say so myself.

Broderick has just finished 2nd grade with a fantastic teacher. I can't believe how much he has grown and changed this year. He got a loaner hearing aide last week and we pick the real one up tomorrow. He is amazed at how much he can hear and how loud Adalynn screams and squeals. He has more than once asked me to make her be quiet. Broderick is swimming on the swim team this summer and a month ago, when practice started, he had no clue how to swim. Now he is swimming the 25 m. freestyle and backstroke at the meets and doing fairly well. I am very impressed with how quickly he has picked it up and how good he is getting. He also enjoyed baseball and thought wearing a cup was the coolest thing in the world.

Camden is so excited to finally be finished with kindergarten and now he gets to go to school with Broderick. I can't believe how much he has learned this year!!! He is also doing swim team and really coming along in his swimming, though not ready for meets yet. He loved having his daddy as his t-ball coach and is quite the baseball player. He really enjoyed the end of the season when it became coach pitch and he didn't have to use the tee anymore. It is hard to believe that he will be turning 6 in less than a month. Where has the time gone?

Adalynn, simply said, is a little princess!!! She just turned three and thinks she is the coolest thing around, carrying her little Vera Bradley purse and wearing her sparkly flip-flops. It is amazing how friendly, outgoing, and personable she is. My grandpa calls her "infectious" and it is soooo true. I don't quite know what it is about her, but she gets smiles everywhere she goes. She loves cheering her brothers on at the various sporting events and does great watching from the sidelines. It is hard to believe how far she has come in three short years. I do have to admit, that we have been cleft slackers. She has not seen a cleft team since we left GA in 2008. That will hopefully be happening soon. We just have to decide where we are going to take her. I am debating on staying local for now, and then re-evaluating when it is time for another surgery (which, according to our plastic surgeon in GA, will be in the next year or two).

As for me, I have just finished one class and another will be done in a few weeks. I have 2 left towards my masters and a few towards some director's credential that I have to get for work. And then I will be done. Maybe not forever though, I am (shhhh, don't tell John) contemplating my Ph.D. I really want to get a "real" teaching job before I go that far, but I have thought about it. Hmmmm??? Dr. and Dr. Frye....now that's a thought! My uveitis has flared up, so I have been back and forth to the eye doctor several times. I do have some permanent damage now, so my vision is pretty bad in one eye, especially in low light situations (my pupil will not dilate). It is frustrating and I really want answers, but I don't think there are any.

As you can see, we have been staying busy. I have a mere 400 photos to sort through, but promise to add them to this post when we get back from our mini-vacation. I promised an update, so I am giving you an update. Once we get back,  I will add the photos, so be sure to check back for them....those are my favorite part!


  1. WOW, busy doesn't even begin to describe life in your neck of the woods. The kids sounds like they are all doing great. Love how things like wearing a cup, being able to hear sister's loud scream, sparkling flip-flops, and having dad couch t-ball are such a huge deal to them. :) Simple things in life are wonderful! I will keep you in my thoughts in regards to your move, schooling, and the uveitis. Praying it will clear up or you will get answers for it soon. Look forward to seeing pictures of all these fun adventures. I am sure the kids have grown tremendously with all that homegrown produce. YUMM-O! Take it easy and try to breath through it all! It really is a vital part of life.

  2. And I thought we were busy....wow! You just take the time you need to breathe....that seems to be important right now for all of you! Love the little paragraphs about each kiddo. I can totally see Miss Adalynn being in her sparkly flip flops....love that picture in my mind! So sweet. I didn't realize that Camden and Ellie were so close in age, yet a year apart in school. Isn't that funny??? Each state is so different in cut off ages. I always find that fascinating. She will be 6 soon and just heading into Kdg. in the fall. You all keep well and happy moving. Will be praying for a smooth transition for you all. Be well, and will look forward to pics soon!

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  4. I felt exhausted just reading about everything you have going on! I feel like life is always so busy for us and my blogging (and especially blog commenting) gets pushed to the back burner during busy times as well. However, I don't even know how you found the time to squeeze this post in -- you have quite a lot going on! It's so nice to hear the update, though. How cool that the kids are getting to pick fresh produce, that makes it fun, educational, and nutritious! So glad to hear that Broderick got his hearing aid. What a difference they make, huh? My mom wore them most of her life and said the benefit was being able to turn them off when she didn't want to hear something, ha! It's so nice that the boys are enjoying swimming, it will probably be something for them to bond over as years go on. And Adalynn - what a sweetie! I can see why she would get smiles everywhere she goes - she is just the cutest little girl. Try to take some time for yourself when you can and I am looking forward to seeing the pics. Take care!