Wednesday, May 12, 2010

well, maybe......

I was REALLY intending on posting a major update. I mean MAJOR. Complete with pictures, lots of pictures, some explanation of these pictures, and yes-a few more pictures.

Well, that was until our desktop computer, where all of these pictures are stored, decided to die. I don't think it is completely dead. It is just semi-dead. It will still turn on, but the screen looks like a huge multi-colored rainbow. Of course this happened before I was able to copy the last 2 years of photos onto the external hard-drive that we purchased for just this reason. Yet, it happened after I downloaded the last two months worth of pictures off of the camera and onto said computer. Frustration doesn't even begin to describe what I feel.

So that I don't leave you all hanging in the balance, I will tell you about some of the pictures that were going to be posted.

First off there were pictures of the ice skating event with Cub Scouts. Adalynn was adorable in her skates and Camden was WAY more coordinated than Broderick. We all were very sore (all, except Adalynn who never fell) but we had tons of fun.

Then there were pictures from our trip to Indiana for Easter. I drove BY MYSELF with all three kids to Indiana to visit family. 27 hours in the car and we survived!!!! We had a great time....got lots of awesome egg hunting photos, some pictures of the kids looking adorable in their Easter gear and a few others of them sitting on the front porch of my grandparents house opening Christmas (yes, Christmas) presents since this was the first time we have been back in Indiana since last summer.

And I can't forget all of the great pictures that we took during our Washington D.C. trip. We had a blast and can't believe it is so close to where we are. John had a conference in D.C. so we all went. We only had four days, so we were limited in what we were able to see, but made it to most of the monuments, the National Zoo and even did three of the Smithsonian Museums in the same day. It was crazy, but we had tons of fun!!!!

I am not sure what else was on there, but I am sure I am missing something. HOPEFULLY we will recover them soon as well as all the other stuff we had on the computer. I am going to be really sad if I have lost all the papers that I have written for my Masters.......sigh........

Since then we have still been busy. Adalynn got her first ear infection and a nasty stomach bug within the same week and also in that week Broderick found out he would be getting a hearing aide because of moderate conductive hearing loss. We had conferences with the boys' teachers and found out both are doing fantastic in their respective classrooms.

Oh, and last but not least-I just got back from a trip to GA. I went and surprised my best friend by showing up for her graduation. It was great trip, but went way to fast. I was also able to visit with her husband who is leaving for Afghanistan in a few weeks. Jesse was in Iraq last year as a fire fighter on a military base and decided to go back again. This time in Afghanistan and as a Fire Protection Specialist or as he says "just a fancy term for Fire Inspector". Check out his blog here.

Hopefully the next time I post I will have LOTS of pictures to share.....until then, prayers and well wishes to all who are sharing in our journey. By the way, Adalynn will be three is less than a month. Can you believe it???

Many Blessings,

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  1. The exact same thing happened to my laptop a few weeks ago (although mine wouldn't turn on at all .. no pretty multi-colored rainbow screen))! Matt was able to save all my pictures AND word documents so if you don't still have the hardware for it, let us know and he can probably get all your papers (and pictures).

    And, NO!, I cannot believe that Adalynn is about to be 3.