Sunday, June 14, 2009

I won.....(and Herpangina)

No, I didn't win Herpangina.
Yes, this is what Adalynn was diagnosed with- on her birthday of all days!
FYI-Herpangina is just a fancy doctor word for blisters in her mouth. A real definition can be found here. But just know it is "super owie" and she is just now eating better 4 days later.

But, I really did win!!! I did! I did!!!!!
What, you ask?
I won a whole loot of stuff (a Pediped gift certificate, gardening gloves, Crystal Light, the coveted dental floss Aidan's mom raves about, and much, much more).
Who's Aidan?
Well, he is an adorable little man, born with a cleft lip, whose mommy also blogs (and is a teacher like I was in my past life). She found us shortly after he was born (he just turned one a few months ago).
And how did I win?
She did a blog contest/raffle/random generator thing....I left her comments on her blog and a program randomly chose me to win. Click HERE to read all about it.
Yes, we bloggers LOVE comments and will even give stuff away to get them. I may do it myself....

What do you think?
What do you want?
I am getting ready to have a garage sale....I am sure I can find something that I know you can't live without! :)

No, seriously. I KNOW that I have 'lurkers'.
I KNOW that there are people that read about Adalynn, her journey, and our family that I don't know.
Yes, it is a bit weird.
Yes, I wonder about weirdos!
But in all reality, I do know that I found several blogs before she was born that gave me peace and assurance that everything was going to be okay.
Thank you Rachel and Abby and Emily and Jaron and Zoe and.... well, I think that is it, but I am probably forgetting someone (leave me a comment ;0 and let me know if I forgot you).

So blog, I do. Mostly because I am forever grateful that the Lord led me to the above people,then led so many others to Adalynn, and most of all because our little "cleft-blogging club" was formed (with way too many people to list, but Aidan's mommy, Heather fits in there).

And by that, I won....in more ways than one!
One of these days I will meet you all and thank you for real.

and because no post is complete with out a picture-what better picture than one of Adalynn two years ago....on her birth-day meeting her brothers for the first time!

oh, and don't forget to comment and let me know you were here! :)


  1. I am here. :) Love the sweet pic. I don't know where I would be without my cleft buddies online who have been there done that and join me on my journey with Aiden. Enjoy all the goodies!!

  2. Congrats on the win! ;o) And yes, I agree - finding blogs like yours and a few others has really helped me through this experience. Seeing your beautiful Adalynn has been inspirational for me. As we prepare for Gavin's surgery day tomorrow morning, I am comforted by your story and others I have read. So thank you for sharing your journey! And I love the photo!

  3. I am still here! sorry I don't comment much :)

  4. Congrats on the win! I must admit I'm jealous though...I wanted pediped shoes for Abby! I'm glad you won though, Miss Adalynn's little feet will be quite adorable in her new pedipeds! Have fun shopping!

    Thank you for being a part of our "cleft-blogging club", it just wouldn't be the same without you and your sweet family!

    Love ya!

  5. Yay for the win!!! You have no idea what peace of mind you gave to me after Avie was born. ~Audrey

  6. WTG! I never win those things! I am here!

  7. I am here! Sorry, I keep forgetting to comment!

  8. Of course I am here. How could I leave???? : ) Just wanted to let you know that you name the time and place....and I AM THERE! I would love to meet up somewhere! How far are you from Pittsburgh??? Just curious. I think that it is totally do-able...and we should seriously consider meeting up sometime. I feel blessed to have "met" you and your family. It is always so nice knowing that you are here and able to help with all my questions and concerns. I feel blessed to call you my friend. You have a great day....and rememeber, I am ALWAYS up for a meet-up!!!!! Have a great day, Shannon!

  9. I'm here too! I haven't been online as much lately, having both kids at home is keeping me busy but I do try to check for your updates. Your family is in my prayers and we would love to see you while you are in IN if you have any extra time, let me know! My cell & home #'s are on my facebook profile!