Friday, February 27, 2009

Just some thoughts

After a recent article in our church's monthly newsletter I have been contemplating my desire to blog and to follow all the blogs that I do. My pastor (from our old church in GA) said that he didn't understand why people blog. He even said that he doesn't have time to live vicariously through others via their blogs. I was more than upset about his comments and even debated writing him and letting him know that blogging is so much more than that. I know that I am grateful for all the families that helped me get through this whole cleft experience. I also know that I love being able to keep my family and friends updated on what is going on in our lives via the posts and the photographs on this blog. I know that I am contacted at least once every few months by a new cleft family that happened upon our blog while googling "cleft lip ultrasound". I feel blessed that Adalynn's story has helped others and hope that they find comfort in her beauty....the same comfort I found when I first began this whole experience. Seeing pictures of children before and after their surgeries was so helpful for me and I had to do the same in hopes that I will help others.

I know many of my "followers" are fellow bloggers and cleft families, but they are also friends and family members who check on us on a regular basis. I also know that I have many more people who regularly check the blog and don't comment...called 'lurkers' in the blogging world...complete strangers to me, but with some sort of connection to our lives and Adalynn's story. I know that I will continue to blog and share our life and Adalynn's journey with the world in hopes that it helps at least one other family.

So this is my blog and my life...I do not think it means that I want others to live vicariously through me and I am not trying to do that with the blogs I follow (though I would love to go Disney as often as you do, Darcy). I just want to share our life with the friends and family that are no longer close to us as well as the families searching for information about cleft lips and palates and of course, all my fellow on-line cleft buddies. In my new header it states "Where ever you journey in life, be sure to take along a friend"...and that is just what we are doing! Thanks for coming along with us!

And now, for photos this week...

I can't imagine my life without her...or her cleft.


Camden is telling Adalynn to look at his bandage....and yes, he is flipping her off!
We couldn't resist asking him to show us his bandage...


And here is Adalynn demonstrating her love to write or "color" as she says on anything besides paper. Maybe I need to start painting her toenails so she doesn't have to resort to Crayola marker.

And not to leave out Broderick----who read over 700 minutes for the Read-a-thon at school. If you donated money, you will receive a phone call from us in the next week letting you know what your final total was. And for all my Bethlehem friends (teachers and students). Broderick's reading DRA level is between and M and an N! That is 3rd grade level reading-in first grade! His teacher thinks he can read higher than that, but can't test him any higher because of school rules. What a smart kid!!!!Be sure to check in later this weekend...Broderick has his Pinewood Derby tomorrow for Scouts and I will be sharing the photos from that including the photos of him actually making his car. He did a great job on it and is growing up so fast! By the way, he wore MY SHOES when we went out last weekend. They were just Crocs, but keep in mind, he is only 7 years old and my shoes fit him! The way he is growing, he will probably be taller than me by the time he is in 3rd grade.


  1. Very good thoughts that have actually been bouncing around in my head too. I had someone (family member) make the comment that I seem addicted to blogging. I don't see it as an addiction, but rather an efficent way of letting my friends and family know what is going on in my life without having to make a million phone calls. Plus it is a journal for me, my husband, and kids to look back on and remember what we have come through. I intend to keep blogging to my hearts content and hope that along the way my story (Aiden's story) will touch someone who is in need of help.
    LOVE the pictures this week!! The first one with the cute bow in her hair is adorable. Thankfully Alexis never got into the whole coloring all over herself phase. Then again I am not very girly so she never sees me painting my nails or putting on makeup. Great job on the read-a-thon and best of luck with the derby this weekend. Oh, and I am a little jealous of Darcy's Disneyland trips and I live only 15 miles away from her. :) Have an awesome weekend, enough babbling from me.

  2. You may have noticed a lack of blogging from me recently, reason being our life right now just isn't conducive to my blogging. I love keeping everyone informed on what's going on in our life, but right now I just wouldn't know where to begin, so I'm taking an unofficial break from blogging.

    I love the new photos, they are all so cute. That's awesome that Broderick is reading so well. Something just clicked recently for Ella and she's reading now. It seems unbelievable listening to her read!

    Take care!

  3. I have one of those tracker things on my blog and there are people that read from all over the world that don't follow! Its weird to think about.

    You're kids are too cute! Camden is so funny with that bandage!!

    I have to ask...how much milk did you save up and how long did it last? I'm okay as long as she gets at least 1 breast milk bottle a day until she's 1 year old.

  4. I am so thankful you blog! You are one of the first I found and talked to about Riley's cleft. I have greatly appreciated all of the info and support I've received from you and others I've meet through blogging! Seeing other children that are cleft-affected and how beautiful they are before and after has been a source of strength for me.

    Love all the pictures! Beautiful family!

    Just a side note, we've decided to go to Boston for Riley's repair. More to come on that later...

  5. Yeah, I have a friend who is always commenting how addicted I seem to blogging (like Joy said), and it offends me. I feel like it's a great way to keep people informed all at once and I've loved meeting everyone here. And it's theraputic! I think the only bad thing would be if you were constantly comparing your life to someone else's or changing things just because someone else does it a different way. But that isn't bad either as long as it's not negative! I've been inspired by so many people here to change things in my life for the better. Nothing wrong with that! Please don't stop blogging, and don't stop sharing adorable pictures of your kids... especially when they are covered head to mouth(?) with Crayola marker. : ) Love it!!!

  6. I see some hair on a baby girl's head! Does she keep the phone on for more than a photo? Kyleigh does not!

  7. I agree. There are very different kinds of blogging. For me it's been a support system. I really loved finding the many other cleft baby blogs, it's so helpful to know you are not alone.

    Beautiful pictures of your beautiful girl!

  8. I really enjoy reading your blog. It's a great way to keep up with you guys and find out things that you may not want to email personally and of course I love the pictures (love the most recent ones!). Obviously we all have to take breaks from time-to-time but you are right, it is a great way to get support and wonderful advice/tips. I cannot tell you how many GREAT things I have learned about Cystic Fibrosis from the internet world. Many of these things have made a huge difference in Sydney's health. So, while I can understand where the pastor is coming from, I think what applies to this is something that applies to most things: moderation!

    And then of course there is Facebook! Did he happen to mention that? lol!

  9. I just wanted to write and let you know that I am one of those out there that has been so incredibly touched by your site and journal entries. I found out my son had a cleft lip and palate at ultrasound and given the fact everyone kept calling it "significant and severe" I attempted to research on the internet and I truly feel that God's grace helped me stumble upon your site. I watched your beautiful video and honestly went through a box of kleenex. It put me at such peace. I have two little girls and I was so worried what their reaction would be and seeing your boys and their love for their sister, I knew that everthing was going to be fine. You and your words provided me with such strength. I thank you for that.

    Our son was born in early January and you are right, he was beautiful in every way. And like your boys, our girls fell so deeply in love with their baby brother, not an ounce of hesitation. He just had his first surgery. I am slowly adjusting to his new look, and like you I miss his first face, I looked into that beautiful face for 8 weeks. He is still incredibly beautiful but I will miss that smile forever.

    I thank you incredibly for your blogging site, onceI get more aquainted with the how to's of sites like these, I can send you pictures.

    You, your family and your story have been a true bleesing for me and my family....thank you!!!!!

    God Bless you all,