Monday, December 15, 2008

Forgot this....

Well, I forgot to post this picture this week, so I thought I would add it now. Her first chocolate pudding experience.

I will post more pics when we get back from John's graduation...yes, he is officially graduating. We will head to GA this week for it. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again (yes, I know I was just there).

Lastly, if I don't have your address and you want a Christmas card (that I custom made) please email me with your address. I have some of them, but if you are an on-line cleft buddy-I may not. email me at frye.shannon@gmail.com

I will be posting the card here later this week for all to see, so if you are okay with that-then just think of that as your Christmas greeting from us.

Until then, enjoy the countdown until the BIG DAY! I know we are more than ready here!

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  1. I love how its in her hair as well as all over her face. That's too cute.