Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Getting Bigger and Feeling Better

First, to update you on Adalynn, we finally took the arm restraints off and just put socks/mittens on her hands and she is definitely FEELING BETTER. She seems so much happier. She isn't screaming when she puts her hands to her mouth, mostly because she can't poke herself. She was delighted to suck on her socks and be able to move her arms. She just smiled and laughed. Because she is able to move her arms and get them to her mouth, she knocked most of the glue and scabbing off. It is looking better and better everyday. I can't believe that she had surgery just over a week ago. Her nostril is definitely a lot flatter than the other side, but with the swelling and all, we aren't sure what to expect as a final result. We already know that she will be having many more surgeries, so I am sure the nostril/nose will be operated on again. We saw our pediatrician's wife at the ball field and she had no clue Adalynn even had surgery. She even asked "on what"...I thought it was pretty obvious, but maybe it isn't.

Broderick is the one that is GETTING BIGGER!!!! He had his first baseball game tonight. He was so excited and looked very grown-up in his uniform. His team is the Lugnuts...not that a typical 5 year old even knows what a lugnut is, but Lugnuts it is. He did an awesome job!!! He paid attention the entire game, fielded several balls, and even hit the second ball the coached pitched to him. So much for needing the tee. He does bat left-handed, so that is a little strange since he is predominantly right-handed, but he does so much better doing it that way, so we let him be. It is still fairly warm down here-around 90, so Broderick was very sweaty and red-faced when he finished, but boy did he have fun!!!

Camden is getting a little impatient and just doesn't understand why he can't play. He is too young for soccer and too young for t-ball. He is such an athletic little boy, and in some cases, better than others on the team (and about the same size). He ended up spending most of the time digging in the dirt/red clay and snacking on Starburst, as well as getting into trouble. Adalynn enjoyed the sunshine during the game and just hung out on the blanket with Camden and me. John helped the coach on the field and Broderick was very excited to have his daddy there with him.

Thank you so much for checking in on us. We appreciate all of your care and concern for our family. Please let us know you were here by leaving a comment on this post or a note on the Daily Chat.

on a side note....I forgot to mention that my Aunt Barb and Uncle Gary also came to visit us last week. This was a HUGE surprise. We were so excited to see them. They, too, live in Indiana with the rest of our family. The last time they saw us was Christmas of 2005-and even then, it was a brief visit since Camden busted his head open and we ended up in the ER and then Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. I have included a picture of Camden's head wound, as well as him now-so you can imagine their surprise when they saw how grown-up he was. They didn't get to stay long enough to see Broderick since he was at kindergarten, but we will get to see them again when he head home in November for "Turkey Day". I am certain that they will be shocked at the little man that he has become.


  1. I remember both of the boys when they were knee-high to a grasshopper...

    John, looking at that picture of Broderick in his uniform makes me think I'm looking at the next Barry Bo- err, uhh, Cal Ripken Jr.?

    I'm glad all is going well!

  2. Adalynn looks great! What a trooper, she is so stinkin cute, I cant wait to have my own! I miss those baby grins! I know how it is with tball and soccer. Jackson wanted to play soccer this year and you have to be 4- he is my ball player all together. Luke didnt play baseball this year, he said he got to hot last year! :) I was cracking up but he did play soccer again, and Jackson is just doing the dance at the side lines, helping get any stray ball that comes his way! Love the new pics, I actually seen them the other night and just didnt have time to comment! So exciting, I love how well you can see her lips now- not as much blood/glue. Its amazing! Praise God!
    Kelly Micks/Pierce